July 16, 2017

Meme stealing

Happy Sunday the first day of the week! A new start, a new week.
 I am joining in with Terri  for Sunday Stealing.
Chevy Corvair first car I owned by myself

First favorite politician:   Robert F. Kennedy

First car: a little  Chevy Corvair, red with white interior. I had an AMX before that but it belonged to the ex hubby. I just drove it.

First record: a record of children's songs.

First sport played: I was ice skating by age 3 on Warinanco Park lake in Roselle, NJ even got my picture in the paper with my dad. Warinanco was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed Central Park in New York.

First concert:  Leonard Bernstein and the  New York Philharmonic Orchestra

First foreign country visited:  Canada

First favorite TV Show:  Cartoons!

First favorite actor:  I never had one.

First Favorite actress: Not much of a fan I am afraid.

First Boyfriend: J.R.

First encounter with a famous person:  The Meadows sisters at Stangl Glass and Pottery factory in Flenington, NJ.
Flemington was famous for it's blown glass and pottery.
When I was very young the Meadows sisters were there when we were.  Audrey, who played Alice on the Honeymooners and Jayne Meadows were very famous because of movies and television.
Jayne was married to Steve Allen.

My mother pulled me aside and said, "don't tell you Aunt Myrtle that they are here,she is nuts about them".
So I promptly told her.
She ran at them like a wild freight train screaming at the top of her lungs, "It's Jayne and Audrey Meadows"!
What do you want? I was about 7 or so.
Audrey, Jayne and Steve Allen
Audrey Meadows shot me a pathetic look, my mother shot daggers at me and I slipped underneath a display table to hide.
I had no idea how horribly embarassing this was going to be.
The Meadows sisters were very lovely to my aunt and after the meeting, it was Jayne Meadows who beat my mother to the display table to get me out.  She realized I was going to be in trouble and headed it off at the pass.
What a nice lady! What gracious women they were.
Nothing more was said to me.

First brush with death:  caught in rip tide along the Jersey Shore taken a half mile down the coast , age 11. Kept my head and was able to swim out of it eventually.
I planted that blue spruce as a tiny tree

First house owned: in West Jordan, Utah  a 3 bedroom, with 2 baths, living room, dining
room, kitchen and family room, laundry room.  It was nice. I had wall ovens (which now that I am disabled would be great!) and a counter top stove that I loved.

First film seen:  I really don't know.

First favorite recording artist: Percy Faith orchestra

First favorite radio station:  WABC in New York City and WPAT in Patterson, NJ.

First book I remember reading:  Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.    I despised it because I hated to read back then.
I liked comic books as a kid but not serious reading.
(Well, now that I think about it... I read the Encyclopedia Britannica as often as I could in our public library. I was fascinated by so many different subjects. So, now I amend what I said about not being interested in serious reading.
I did find Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision fascinating as well.)

First meme you answered on your blog:
Who knows. I have been blogging since August 17, 2005... 12  years this summer without interruption.


  1. Those are all great firsts and nice of you to share. Warm greetings to you!

  2. I enjoyed the meme...I will have to put I up on my blog, tomorrow. smiles. Have a great day, Annie and thank you for the smiles.

  3. P.S. I just love the new look here, Annie...truly I do, smiles.

  4. Your life has been far from dull!
    Each encounter has contributed to
    forming the truly remarkable person you are!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Be well,my friend!

  5. P.S.- Wonderful header!
    Wish I was there!!

  6. Oh my! Such a lot of interesting firsts! I would have done the same thing with the Meadows sisters. I wish you could have had your picture taken with them! Weren't they lovely? That rip current sounds pretty scary. I know I've had close encounters like that and you don't soon forget it. I remember reading Great Expectations. It must have been required reading for all elementary students...or maybe it was 7th grade...I don't recall. I need to read it again now so I can recall what it was all about. My reading comprehension wasn't all that great back then! Ha! And yes, your header is so beautiful. What a marvelous gift! Praying you will have a blessed and glorious day.

  7. Happy Tuesday Annie. Loved your answers to Sunday Stealing. I haven't done that meme in a long while. Might try it for next week. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  8. Hi Annie, I enjoyed my visit here today. I have been blogging since 2002 and had my website since around 1999 with Geocities. I remember my 7th grade teacher reading Great Expectations to us. I loved reading and I think it was the Little House series that got me hooked. Lovely house too. Hugs


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