May 25, 2018

Sky and Sea

Another Friday has come and that means photos.
The days have been chilly, rainy and windy off and on with a few nasty warm days thrown in for good measure and the gardens are so green and over grown because of the rain.
Weathermen are saying it might be an active tropical storm/hurricane season. Well, I hope they are very wrong.

I am joining Friday Foto Friends and SkyWatch Friday   with a little group of photos that I hope you enjoy seeing.

By Popular Request... the Famous Anonymous Prom Gown.
She is the 2nd from the left in the beaded garnet colored gown. The others are all her very best friends since Freshman year.
I didn't get permission to show faces so I won't. 

I never get tired of the bay or the salt marsh. Not ever.

The next 4 photos were taken by my daughter on a date at a waterfront restaurant.

The bridge opens to let boats through.

The Prom was last week and the weather was wild and rainy. The wind was freezing cold by the bay where kids and parents went to take pre-Prom photos.
We were like frozen popsicles!
I took photos of the wild water though I don't think the photos show how wild it really was.,
The bridge in the photo below is Barnegat Bridge made famous in the Frankie Valli  and the Four Seasons song  "My Eyes Adored You".  You can click on the song title to hear it.

At night it is like a string of pearls across the bay. It leads to the barrier island.

 The photo below is the famous anonymous kid and her group of friends. They are a tight knit group of good friends all about to graduate. The girls looked lovely and the boys looked handsome and classy.  Poor kids were wind blown!

I liked the soft hint of pink in the clouds above the bay in the photo below.

 There are always beautiful lavender and golden sundowns on the lagoon by me.

 A threatening sky as day turns to evening .
You can see the line of the barrier island across the bay.

Until next time, remember:

Absolutely true!

May 23, 2018

Haiku No 25

Rainy, windy, cool weather has been the norm this week and I can't say I am sorry for that.
The garden is loving it and I am enjoying the cool temperatures. I really should live in cooler place year round.
My homemade pond filter is up and running though not finished at all. I have to replace the large tub which holds my filter materials and set it in the ground and disguise it, but the water is clearing up from the green that it was and will soon be clear.
The fish are enjoying eating the algae in the meantime.
The big wisteria is hanging over the pond shading it and keeping the osprey , hawks and owls at bay for now. Perhaps I will post photos of the pond on Friday.

Haiku is filled with poems that allude to cherry blossom petals that fall onto hard and difficult situations or that represent the fragility of time and life.
Here are a few of them..... 


Onto the ashes where my cottage burned, 
the cherry blossoms scatter, unconcerned.

Photo by Frank Winkler


      How fragile, how ephemeral in flight...this life
for instance, Butterfly, alight!

           And So                                                         

    And so the Spring buds burst, 
and so I gaze,
and so the blossoms fall, 
and so my days......

May 17, 2018

Nature Around Me...
Friday Foto Friends and Sky Watch Friday

IT has been a chilly and rainy week with more to come but the cool temperatures are nice. I am joining with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends and also for Sky Watch Friday. Won't you also join in?

 Scenes from around the neighborhood. 
On the front porch

Mugho Pine bough hanging over the water.

A thunderstorm moving in

Sun shining through the woods


 The end of the day can be so spectacular.


May 15, 2018

Wednesday Haiku No 24

 Thunderstorms are rocking the area and we are due for rain for the next several days.
It was hot as blazes today but cooling down again, thank goodness. I really don't like the heat at all especially when it is humid.
I am sitting here listening to the storm. I like the sound of the rumbling thunder and the rain beating against the windows and the air conditioner. I like these sounds.


                Contrary Willed

Struggling to walk against this windy rain,
My wild umbrella drives me back again.

                         Evening Lantern

 Lighted still, in all this rain,
the lantern lights
my dripping window pane.

On Izumo Cliff

Arching above the wild and gloomy sea,
Far out to Sado Isle---The galaxy.
---- Basho

I hope you enjoyed the haiku this week as much as I enjoy posting them.

May 13, 2018

Eishet Chayil, A Woman of Valor


Happy Mother's Day,
I have loved this song all my life.
I dedicate this song, Eishet Chayil, to my mother and to my beloved grandmothers of blessed memory and all women.
To each and every wife and mother I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, whether mother to human kids or fur babies. :)
I found a version with translation so you can understand it.

Sending wishes for love and happiness

May 12, 2018

Saturday Nine (a second post for Saturday)

You can find my Friday Foto Friends and my NJ vs Florida posts below this one.
Joining in with Sat 9 HERE.
 Hear the song here.

1) The title of this song, "Mother and Child Reunion," came from a dish Paul Simon had at a Chinese restaurant. "Mother and Child Reunion" was chicken and egg drop soup. When did you last eat chicken?
Last week and once a week usually.
2) Paul Simon's mother, Belle, was an English teacher Monday through Friday and then gave piano lessons on the weekends. Have you ever worked more than one job?

  Yes. I worked from 8 to 4 at one job then 4:30 to midnight at another job while raising kids and taking care of a bed ridden mother.

3) Mother Winters taught Sam to always dispose of the dry cleaning bag, as storing clothes in the bag may discolor the fabric. Do you have any useful household hints to pass along?
Yes, clean as you go. Never allow anything to pile up. Do dishes as you cook.  Always put everything back in its proper place.    Above all, don't be lazy as that is the cause of clutter, dirt and lack of organization.

4) Have you put away your winter clothes yet? 
I have no where to put them.  My closet is a tiny one as is my little cottage. There is no place to store things.
5) Flowers and plants are popular on Mother's Day. How is your yard or garden? Is it green and/or blooming?
Yes, my garden is green and blooming and the ponds are being worked on to be clear and blooming as well.

6) In the 1600's, the British began celebrating "Mothering Sunday." Children presented flowers to their mothers after Sunday service. When did you last place flowers in a vase? Where they store-bought, or picked from someone's garden?
A few weeks ago. They were from ShopRite and lasted beautifully for 3 weeks.

7) The German word for "mother" is "mutter." What other German words do you know?
  Jawohl, Sprechen zie Deutch?, Danke, bitte,guten morgan,madchen, sohn,freund, guten abend, auf weidersehen,I know the days of the week, can count in German, can say yes and no and etc.
My last name is German/Danish/Dutch/Swedish/Norwegian meaning "hunter".
I can pronounce it in all those languages. (It is slightly different in them all, but spelled mostly the same)

8) When Sam was a teen, her mother used to scold her for monopolizing the family landline. With the advent of cell phones, do you think parents and children still clash over telephone etiquette?
They might at times.
9) To celebrate Mother's Day, Sam is giving away her mother's favorite, Hershey Bars!Would you prefer classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate with almonds?

Chocolate gives me migraine headaches so none of them are appealing because I associate chocolate with pain.

Mothers Day post will go up tomorrow. 


New Jersey vs Florida

Snow birds are what we call New Jerseyans who have homes in both NJ and Florida. They winter in Florida and summer in New Jersey.
 The states are very similar as you will see.
Click the photos to see full sized.

Both states have pine barrens 

Millions of acres in fact.. the rest of both states is farms and a few cities thrown in for good measure, though NJ's cities are really New York City and Philadelphia since we are much tinier than Florida.
  Here are the pine barrens in Florida. It is identical to NJ with the same plants  and sugar sand.

photo from Florida web site

Here they are in New Jersey... same sand, same plants:pine, holly, cedar, swamp maples etc.
Either photo can be said to be in Florida or NJ... Georgia lowlands and Carolina lowlands as well for that matter.
photo from nj web site

 Both states have cedar water creeks and rivers which are crystal clear.

 We both have cedar water, that is creeks and lakes stained tea-colored from cedar trees that grow wild amongst the pine trees and hollys. The bottoms of these shallow creeks are white sand and the water is crystal clear.

 Here is the cedar creek right across from me...It and its tributaries crisscross throughout the pine barrens and some are rivers as well.

photo credit unknown

Here is a cedar creek in Florida...
same identical look.

  Here is a photo of the creek by me taken this past autumn:

my own photo

 Bothd have salt marshes

 Florida's salt marshes...

from Pinterest

New Jersey Salt Marsh

My own photo

Both States are peninsulas and have good beaches.

But.....NJ beaches are found in the top 10 beaches in the USA every single year!
New Smyrna beach in Florida has the deadliest shark attacks each year.

 Florida beach on the Atlantic Side:

internet photo of Florida beach

 New Jersey beaches on the Atlantic:

Island Beach, part of my town .. NJ Parks photo

Both states demand bare feet in the sand, summer or winter!   

 New Jersey calls for pink polish:

When in Florida you must opt for red!

What are the differences/disadvantages:

New Jersey White Winters.
If you hate the cold, stay in Florida for the winter! You won't see the white stuff falling.
If you love the idea of a white Christmas and chestnuts roasting on an open fire.. come to New Jersey.
As an extra bonus you will get blazing autumn colors as well.
Which state if more expensive to live in?  New Jersey by far!

While Florida is cheaper to live in with lower taxes and home prices, there are some distinct disadvantages.
For example,  Florida has  humid hot weather for a far longer period of time, worse hurricanes because of higher ocean water temperatures, sink holes, and unlikable, nasty , pushy neighbors.

 Pushy, nosy, Florida style neighbor demanding lunch

New Jersey neighbors also come for lunch by they are by far more loyal,  friendly,and wash their hands before eating.They will also give you a wag of the tail and a kiss if you are lucky.
internet photo

Both New Jersey and northern and central Florida are sub tropical climates with humid, hot summers.
Southern Florida, from Vero Beach and Lake Okeechobee down, is  a tropical climate

If you are here looking for Friday Foto Friends or Sky Watch  Friday, that post is HERE