Oct 20, 2017

Neighborhood Stroll
Friday Foto Friends


How is it Friday again?
Well it is.
Joining Debbie for Foto Friends with
a bunch of different pictures I have taken.
As always you can click on them to enlarge them.
They are  taken with a Canon A560, except for the last two.

Cold Sand can feel nice on bare feet
Footprints in the Sand

Sunset Fire

Just in Case!
The glorious bay

On the Rocks

Up to my knees to take this one. Just the bay..nothing else. It's enough I think
Fly by
And here he is
My mother on graduating as a Registered Nurse in Philadelphia, Pa. long before I came along.
This is a just because addition to the photos this week.

Below are my two favorite girls with a wolf. Yes, a real 100% wolf!

Thank you for visiting and come again soon.

Oct 18, 2017

Haiku on Wednesday

Road in my community. click to enlarge

None is traveling
 Here along this way but I,
              This autumn evening.
(haiku by Matsuo Basho 1644-1694)


Oct 15, 2017

A Sunday Night Adventure

Here is Toni's great adventure for this week. You can read her story here and join in here as well.


Cabin In The Forest

1.   While walking in a forest, you see a lovely cabin ahead that seems empty so you hurry over to see if anyone is there.
You've been walking for a long time trying to find your way. You were hiking with a group in the forest when you stopped to remove stones from your shoe. When you looked up they had gone ahead and you couldn't see them anymore. 
Though you hurried in the same direction they were gone. Had they taken a turn
somewhere? Did they even know you were missing?
So many thoughts in your head and you realize you should have stayed put where they last left you but stupidly you kept going and that was when  you saw the cabin.
It is was a large cabin and fairly modern and new. Set on the banks of a river, it's  well-kept exterior tells you that someone t frequents it or lives there permanently.
A knock on the door brings no results so you call out loudly. "Hello is anyone around?"
There is only the sound of the birds and some crickets.
It is late afternoon now and dusk is setting in.  You could stay on the porch and wait..or you could check for an open door. There might be a phone.
The front door is locked. All the windows are closed for the chilly autumn weather so you walk around the porch to the rears. There the porch opens up into a deck over looking the river.  A deck with  a sliding glass door that is partially open.
Hesitatingly you slide the glass open and call inside, "Hello? Is anyone home?"
No reply. The cabin is empty alright.  
With a great deal of trepidation you walk inside.
2.   In the empty cabin you spot a large chest in the corner of the main room and you notice a cell phone lying on it.
You pick it up and call the leader of your hiking group.
"Thank God"you think , "there is service!"
He answers the phone and when he learns it is you, he is relieved to say the least.
He knows where the cabin is and they will be there in the morning to get you.
One problem solved but now you're only problem is the cabin's occupant and whether or not they are friendly.

3.   Suddenly you hear a noise coming from the outside.  You hurry out the back rear door and around to the front to intercept them.
"Hey"says the tall man with an armload of wood,"where'd you come from?"
He is friendly and easy going.
"Hey" you answer when you get your wits back. There is something about him that captures your attention. "I got lost and was looking for my hiking group when I discovered your cabin."
"Oh, are you okay?" he asks.
He puts the wood down into a wood cradle and turns toward you again.
"You're not hurt are you? The woods can be rough if you get lost."
"Yes,thanks" you smile at him " just not sure what to do so I,umm, well I  kind of broke into your cabin and used your cell phone to call my group. 
Well I didn't break in  but I barged in for sure" You wait for him to be angry but nope. He just has an amused smile on his face.
"That's okay. Were you able to get hold of them?"
Oh gosh, this guy is so nice you think. 
"Yes. They will get me in the morning,"you reply.
"Then I guess you are spending the night.  Come on in. What's your name?" he asks.
You exchange pleasantries and he takes you on a little tour of the cabin.
He built it himself and spends the weekends here. The rest of the week he is in the city.

This is an impressive man.

Later that night brings some surprises as you find out that the hiking leader has another emergency to tend to and if you are alright he says, they will make arrangements to pick you up the next day. 
It is reassuring to know that the hiking leader knows the cabin owner very well. It's his older brother!
Adding to the complications your stay might be longer than anyone thought because a terrible storm opens with a resounding crack of thunder and lightning just as darkness settles in.
There is no problem, the cabin owner will see that you get home. Things are working out nicely and you are "stuck" with a guy you find very attractive.
 After staying up all night talking you know you want to see him again and again.
And lo and behold he is a fellow old time radio lover!
"Oh, be still my heart" you jokingly whisper to yourself . "Could he be any more perfect?"

4.   The adventure now over, you leave the cabin and both of you realize this is just a beginning.

I sure hope you will join in for Toni's adventures. It is a great way to have fun and invent a little story . So let your imagination soar and get busy writing!

I always try to add something real to my stories or base them on true incidents.
There are a couple of real things in this story.
One is that  I find it very attractive when men are capable and especially when they can build things!

The second thing is that I got lost in a forest once on a camping trip in the dead of night when it was pitch black out.
We had built a new boat and it was loaded with camping gear leaving no room for me or the dog, We  would walk around the lake.. no small distance.
We misjudged the time and lost daylight on the way.
You could not see your hand in front of your face and the dark was so impenetrable that the flashlight did no good.  Even my intrepid dog was scared and walked right up against my leg as we went  along.  He was a brave fellow not scared of most things and with his great eyesight I have often wondered through the years what he was smelling or sensing that frightened him so much.
  I had to be brave for the dog and hey! I was a curved bar girl scout! 😉 (curved bar is the equivilent of an eagle scout)
Years later a guy friend suggested it could have been a Bigfoot or Sasquatch because  I heard some low growls at one point that were unlike anything I'd ever heard before  and I was an experienced camper.
I dismissed that as myth back then (not so sure now)  and continued on but I have wondered through the years what it was that scared the dog so badly.

We finally found the camp site and things ended well!
Okay, your turn!

Oct 13, 2017

Friday the 13th
And Fri Foto Friends


'Tis Friday the 13th and if you are superstitious I guess that has meaning!
But here is Lucky the Black Cat filing his nails just
in case it does have any meaning. He wants to be ready if they need an official black cat for the day.

It is also the 100th addition of Friday Foto Friends and I am joining in with Debbie as I usually do on Friday. You can join in too. Just click HERE to see her blog.

Here are some older photos I took in the past.
I hope you enjoy them.

Winter: Looking out the front window on a snowy day

Into the Woods
Summer: my little beach by the bay

Glittering Bay in Summer

Autumn Trees
Autumn green and red
Spring Rain on the little pond
I like taking photos like this
Apples from my tree this year

The kitchen

Reflection on the pond

My beautiful bay...

The big pond in Spring.  Scotch Broom in bloom

Oct 10, 2017

Tuesday's Creatove Adventure

Hello from the New Jersey shore on this fine October day!
The sun is shining, the weather is too humid and too warm but it is a lovely day anyway.
I am joining Toni for her great adventure today as I try to do every week.
Click her graphic to join in!

So, here we go:

An Autumn Hike To Remember
Blue Hole located in the New Jersey Pine Barrens

1.   While hiking in Autumn through one of the many trails in the State Forest, you come across a  pond said to have no bottom at all.
It is called the Blue Hole and many scary stories surround it.
You find a notebook bound in leather on the shore.

2.   You pick it up to study the object more carefully, when you hear a voice call to you from just over the rise.
You walk through the woods and over to see what or who it is. You come to the wooded top of the rise where you can see down into the little valley below.

3.   Just below the clearing you see this wondrous village filled with people. There are houses, shops and horse and buggies going up and oown the street.
You run back to pick up the notebook you had left behind.  It's cover has the title and name of the author:  The Blue Hole is no Myth by Joesph Mulliner.
Inside you read the story of a man seemingly from that village describing his trek to find the Blue Hole and how he discovered  a world outside his village populated with people who drove in horseless carriages! He was describing modern day times.
Stunned, you put the notebook in your backpack and hurry back to the top of the rise where you saw the little village in the valley.   
The village was obviously from the 1800's and you had thought it was a reproduction you'd never known about.  
But now you wondered what in the world was going on. Was the notebook a joke of some kind?
At the top of the rise you look down into the valley and see nothing other than a valley.
The village and its busy inhabitants are gone.
You know what you saw.  You know it was no hallucination but there's nothing there now except ruins of a once propserous Pine Barren town.
Near the edge of the rise is  a grave stone.
You rcognize the name as that of the *NJ Pine Barren Robin Hood....

Joe Mulliner, hung 1781

4.   And with much to remember on this Autumn hiking trip in the State Forest, you head back home and realize that only a few people will be told this tale and even most of them will never believe you.

*From the Weird NJ magazine (Read the whole article HERE):
Often referred to as “The Robin Hood Of The Pine Barrens,” Joe Mulliner was a Tory outlaw who was forced to flee his home in 1779 to avoid arrest, then went on a crime spree throughout the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, burning farmhouses, kidnapping, and holding up stagecoaches. But he often left poorer folks alone and preyed on the rich. He was captured in the Indian Cabin Mill Inn in Nesco after a night of drinking, dancing and debauchery. Convicted of high treason on August 8, 1781, he was sentence to be hanged the same day at Gallow’s Hill. Afterward, his body was delivered by wagon, along the very route that he had terrorized, to his wife at Sweetwater, where he was buried along a high bank overlooking the Mullica River and the Cold Spring Swamp. His final resting place is a lonely grave in the pines marked by the stone seen here at the right, the most recent monument in a long line of stones, the previous markers having all been stolen over the years.
A Tory or Loyalist: Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War. At the time they were often called Tories, Royalists, or King's Men.
They did much damage to American patriots during the Revolutionary war. Many of them ended up moving to Canada.

Oct 9, 2017

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day on this rainy Monday.
Cristoforo Colombo, son of Genoa,Italy the great explorer who opened up the Americas.
 What did he look like?
"At the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, 71 alleged portraits of Columbus were displayed; most did not match contemporary descriptions. These writings describe him as having reddish or blond hair, which turned to white early in his life, light colored eyes, as well as being a lighter-skinned person with too much sun exposure turning his face red. Accounts consistently describe Columbus as a large and physically strong man of some six feet (1.83 metres) or more in height, easily taller than the average European of his day.
The most iconic image of Columbus is a portrait by Sebastiano del Piombo, which has been reproduced in many textbooks. It agrees with descriptions of Columbus in that it shows a large man with auburn hair, but the painting dates from 1519 and cannot, therefore, have been painted from life. Furthermore, the inscription identifying the subject as Columbus was probably added later, and the face shown differs from other images, including that of the "Virgin of the Navigators."
Welcome to a blog that does not re-write history for bogus, ridiculous political
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
What the politically correct leave out in their new history that tries to make Christopher Columbus look bad,  is that Indians of the Americas were killing one another off through horrific human sacrifice at a rate of several hundred thousand per tribe per year!
This human sacrifice, extremely bloody by the way and involving the best, brightest young men and hundreds of thousands of women and children per year, was practiced all the way up to North America.
They believed the gods required it and were at war most of the time to take prisoners for these religious sacrifices and as I said a few hundred thousand were required by that religion per year.
The Spaniards were horrified by what they saw.
Did they build the pyramids etc?
Nope.  As their leaders told the Spaniards, the great buildings were there when they got to the Americas  from wherever they came from.. probably Mongolia . They didn't build them.
Whoever did build them, demanded sacrifice and frightened them immensely.
It would take great fear to push nations into war to gain such high numbers of sacrificial victims.
Part of history removed from view is the huge giants who roamed the Americas pre-Indians. All the tribes have history regarding them and the terror they left behind.
Their skeletons and gigantic skulls were systematically "lost' by the large museums since they interfere with the officially sanctioned history of the world.

It is my belief that those buildings, which are impossible for us to rebuild even today, were pre-flood.
You know when the atomic bomb was tested Robert Oppenheimer said, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds".  He was quoting the Bhagavad Gita written over 5000 years ago which described ancient nuclear war, flying saucers and ships based on magnetic levitation and genetic alteration of people and animals.
When asked how it felt to set off the world's first nuclear bomb, Oppenheimer told them it was the first in our day only... but not the first in the history of the world.
He understood that modern man is not as modern as he thinks nor is history exactly what you've been taught in school.
As Solomon said, what was is, what is was and there is nothing new under the sun.
We cannot build pyramids and walls like we see in Mexico, Central, and South America. The technology does not exist. The tolerances and cuts are impossible even with fine lasers.
We do not have cranes that can lift stones as heavy as those either.
Incas etc built on top of them but the building is vastly inferior by comparison.

So history is not what you are taught in school.
So save the whining and cringing and wringing of hands over Columbus Day and save the whales instead.
Columbus Day is big for Italian Americans and Puerto Ricans.
It should be big for us all.

This little film is a tradition here for Columbus Day.