Jan 19, 2018

Painted Newsboys

I am joining in Friday Foto Friends.
I have just 2 photo this week plus a post with some art I have been working on .

Night at the cove. Click to see full size
Salt marsh in winter

 Newsboys were an interesting part of American history.
They stood on street corners in almost every city in America hawking newspapers with their loud "Extra, extra. Read all about it."
Feb 3, 1908
They worked in all weather, all seasons and earned little money but did it to help out their families. Most kids gave their pay to their mother.

I drew some cartoon pictures of newsboys a while back and yesterday I spent the day drawing a news girl to join their little group too. I started in the morning, stopped to welcome the Little home from school and the next thing I knew it was dark outside.
I thought you might like to meet the trio.

Perhaps in my little fantasy world, they work for the fictious Bayside Evening Express (which never has fake news and is always just 2 Cents a copy).   It's nice to have a story to go along with paintings.
The three kids are children of immigrants who came to America in the late 1880's.
Shiobhan (sh-vawn, which means God is gracious and is an Irish name) is the new kid on the block.
The youngest child of the Keenan family who came to America from County Cork, Ireland, Shiobhan joins my other two newsboys, Daniele D'Allesio, whose parents  came from Tuscany,Italy and young Mike Bradshaw,whose parents came over from Birmingham, England.
I re-painted the boys which were originally posted on my other blog and Here as well.

Introducing Shiobhan Mary Keenan

Daniele Andrea D'Alessio

Michael Martin Bradshaw
The three kids have basically the same face shape but that is because they are caricatures.
There are small differences in coloring etc. but, I wanted to make them very alike to stress that we are family after all is said and done.

Don't forget to look at the post below this one. I ranted and raved and would hate to think it was for no purpose. So take a look at my ravings, okay? I promise I really am not mean.

Jan 18, 2018

Exercising the Mind

How lazy are we humans?
We exercise the body... maybe.. if we get time.. if we think of it.. if we can get ourselves moving and motivated.
We procrastinate in so much. "Oh, I will do it later," rather than getting it done when it needs doing and then we sit on our fat behinds doing.. what?
What do we do instead of what needs to be done?
What we do is promote stagnation in mind and body.
 We use the tired excuse that we aren't capable of doing things. And that excuse is pure, unadulterated, 100% organic, smelly Horse Hockey.

Listen, the mind needs exercise as well as the body.
Now Toni was putting up a good brain exercise every week. She posted a small number of questions in story form and challended us to fill in the blanks and create something.

"Oh, I am just not creative!"
No, of course not if you never try to create.  Sheesh! Cause-Effect!

A while back,  Marva Collins knew that children could learn far more than they did.
In impoverished Westside Park in Chicago, Mrs. Collins was troubled at children labeled "learning disabled".      Oh, no they were not!
Mirs. Collins started her own school teaching Shakespeare and Latin to students who every one thought could not learn.
Stupid you say? No. Both expand the mind just as Mozart will increase your IQ.
Did the kids learn? You bet they did. She taught them to move, stretch themselves and get going.
"I could never learn Latin or Shakespeare."    Nope, not with that "I
have already failed before I even bother" attitude you can't.

Let  me ask you: has your education ceased? Why?
This isn't really off topic but speaks to a problem people have.  A woman on the radio was talking about "back in 'my' generation, etc..."
Wait a minute, lady. YOUR generation? Does that mean you are dead now and speaking from the grave? Because if you are alive this is still YOUR generation and will be until you kick the bucket.  Your are already finished before you finish. That is pathetic isn't it?

I mention this because it is a mind set that is downright evil. You limit yourself to the past and that is always a great mistake. You are never too old to learn, to grow, to exercise the mind and the character. Yes, character, like muscles, needs to be used to grow.
When you say you have no imagination and can't write a story you are limiting yourself willfully and limiting your growth. You can do it. You can do whatever you put your mind to do.
Your generation is NOW. Your generation is the one you are living in right now. This is your time.
Stop warehousing yourself and get back to shaking the earth, changing, teaching, learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom.
No one says that your story must win a Pulitzer prize. No one expects it to be earth-shattering in scope or even grammatically perfect!  What they do expect is to see a bit more of you and your ideas.  It is what blogging is all about.

Worry that no one will like what you blog is ego gone wild. Drop it. Just drop it and move on.  You have a huge amount to give and share and I don't care who you are or what lame excuse you come up with. You are amazing!

You say you have nothing to blog about? Toni gave you something. Use it, darn it.
You don't have ideas?  You really come right out and admit that? Whoa....
Where does your mind go? How does it get there? What is your process of thinking?
And the benefit to you? Growth my friend.
Think outside the box. Use your past experiences, your friends, your dreams and hopes to fill in blanks., but use your mind.Stretch yourself to be more than you are. Don't sit back and we satisfied with who and what you are. Grow!
We are in the image of God. Well, are you? Are you smart? Are you composed of stellar character and high morals? Is your understanding of world events correct or even real?
How do you know?
Learn! Do things. Get outside of your comfort zone and learn to do more than you do.
Never stop learning or growing, giving and sharing who and what you are with others.
We need one another.

You want ideas for blogging?
Tell us how you clean your home. What products do you use? Why?
What books are read? Why?
What hobbies do you enjoy?
Got a problem? Ask the community to help sort it out.
Tell us about breakfast. Do you  realize we run out of ideas and need your help on dinners, lunches and breakfast ideas?
What do you wear. What makeup is best? Let us know. We need you. We just really do.
Give advice. Give support. Give your time in blogging. You have things to give whether you realize it or not.
Stop finding excuses to do nothing. As I said, you really are amazing. Stop hiding your light beneath a bushel and give yourself a chance.
 I can be very blunt, I know, but I love people and want to see them succeed and reach their hightest potential.
Now I don't want to have to get tough here.. so shape up.
No animals were harmed in the making of this rant.
Love and kisses,