Feb 17, 2018

Saturday Night Thoughts

The problem with school shootings, Las Vegas shooting, all these violent acts,  is not guns my friends. The problem is the human mind devoid of  morality and consideration for others.
You cannot divorce yourself from God personally or nationally and think clearly or be righteous.
The human mind is a wonderful thing as long as there is a spiritual dimension to correct and contain it.   Left to it's own desires and will the mind can stray into  a desolate territory.
"The law of God is a perfect law because it converts the soul and makes the simple wise"Psalm 19
The law is based on love of God and love of fellow man that extends from it.
This is why people murder, because the love of God does not found in them and they answer to no higher power than themselves. The love of mankind is not in the forefront of their minds either and it has to be.

US law already controls guns: who can buy, who cannot,which guns are legal and which are not.
What the USA is lacking today is morality and love for one's fellow man.

Feb 16, 2018

My Neighborhood..
Friday Foto Friends

Rainy weather is the order of the day here on the Southern Jersey shore and temperatures have risen from the deep freeze to a balmy, wet 56 °F!
 I am sporting a rather compact heart monitor for the next 10 days to monitor my heart 3 months post surgery.
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I have not gotten around to take photos for a while so I am joining in this week's Friday Foto Friends with some drone videos and some older photos taken in the summertime in my neighborhood.
The videos are quite short.

New Jersey isn't what most people think at all. It is mostly rural with safe, clean beautiful beaches  and millions of acres of forest land and farms.
 Our beaches are consistently ranked among the finest in the world.
A friend who vacationed in the Caribbean once told me, "It's New Jersey with palm trees for Pete sake! I shoulda saved my money."
Photos can be clicked on to see full sized and the videos can also be made full screen.

Welcome to my neck of the woods:

Here are photos I took last summer in my neighborhood:

Our neighborhood parking lot

Watery highway

Salt Pond

Feb 15, 2018

Wednesday Haiku on Thursday

photo of the cove by me

"After the Fishing Boats Depart" 

The tall white sails emerge
above the bay's low and level
veils of morning haze.
haiku by Gakoku
one of my favorite views

 "The Spring Sea"

 All day, with gently undulating swell,
The spring sea rose and fell,
 and rose and fell.
  haiku by Bason

Feb 14, 2018

Love in a Candy Box
a love story

I have posted this many times before. I think it is appropriate to post this month as it is the anniversary of my father's passing, may he rest in peace.
I had originally posted Wednesday Haiku..but I will post that on Thursday instead.

 My father was a romantic.

He loved my mother  and he loved her mother, who lived with us most of my life, very much also. He showed such a great deal of respect for her and for his own parents and as my maternal Grandmother said.."He is better to me than 20 sons".

My father was head chemist and vice president of a chemical company here in New Jersey who, for many reasons, later opened a soda fountain/ice cream shop that eventually became a   stationary store in a tiny town, selling stationary to big business  and cards and school supplies from the main store.

He took a beating money wise later on from malls and the big stationary chain stores.

But he was honest to a fault and ever the romantic who learned constantly.  You never saw him without a scholarly work in his hands.

He would bring home boxes of candy to my mother and grandmother sometimes after work as a treat, one I would share in.

Once, I remember him walking home without his brand new coat because he had given it to the town homeless guy.
"Its only a block walk. It's not that cold out" he said standing there in his shirt sleeves.
A candy box was  tucked under his arm for Mother that night when he came home.
He sat down to dinner as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
For him it was not out of the ordinary at all.

He wore his old one from then on. It was just as good he said.
Upstairs, in my grandmothers bedroom, inside the closet on a shelf, were old candy boxes filled with her crochet work (she made fillet crochet that was so beautiful ), news clippings of her friends deaths, births of grandchildren, marriages,  cards from holidays, mementos and tiny souvenirs of times past. One was used to house her "good gloves" and "my good scarves".

I once asked her why she saved all those boxes.

"Oh, " she said, "its a shame to waste things".

"Yes", I said, "but you could fit this all in one or two hat boxes".

She looked at me with those pastel gray eyes , now half blind and said , "But there is so much love in these boxes".