Aug 21, 2017

Great Eclipse of the Sun Today and Meme

Solar eclipses are a natural occurrence.
They do not have any spiritual, scriptural, biblical or prophetic meaning to them.
Yet it is shocking how many people are utterly superstitious and pagan in their beliefs despite the biblical commands to not pay any attention to the heavenly bodies or to place any reliance on them for fortune telling or signs.
The only 'sign' the heavens are for is time and nature.

Genesis 1:14
Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;

 Deut 4:  Do not gaze toward the heavens and observe the sun, the moon, the stars—the entire array of the sky—with the intent to worship and serve what the LORD your God gave every nation.

 Jeremiah said: "thus said the LORD: Learn not the way of the nations, And be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; For the nations are dismayed at them."
And here is one of Toni's memes that you can also take part in.
I am a HUGE Rail Fan! I adore trains! My grandfather took me to the station every week to watch the trains and ride them too!
Loved them so much I even dreamed about them.
I had a Lionel train set as a little girl and as an adult I had an HO scale train set with houses etc set up in the family room. The train is gone now but I still have the houses.

 This is how I reacted as a little girl because of my love for trains! I still get this way.
Riding the train to Rutgers University in New Brunswick for classes was wonderful for me as I got to do that daily when I was a teen.

 An Old Abandoned Town
1. While driving through an old abandoned town you take a turn down a side road and spot a railroad yard with an old train station, thinking it might be fun to explore it, you park the car. Before getting out you look around to see if there are signs forbidding entry. Seeing nothing you get out of the car and begin to stroll around. The last time it was in use had to be decades ago. Things are shabby but left as they were. An old hand car sits on the side of the rails. Next to the station, there are baggage carts. The old clock that hangs off the entrance of the station still keeps time. At first, it does not occur to you that someone needs to be around the wind it. There are sturdy wooden benches to either side of the station's front door. On the right side of the building is a ticket window for quick purchases. The glass window is pulled down and locked, it's ledge is dusty with time. Walking around to the front again you try the front door of the station. It is cold outside and you just need a bit of shelter from the cold wind to warm up your hands and face. The door is open! In you walk and it is surprisingly warm. Why, there is a fire in the pot belly stove! You hadn't noticed the smoke from the chimney outside but now you feel that warmth on your face as soon as you enter. "Curious",you think to yourself.
one of several train stations in my little 1 mile square hometown

2. Walking through the old train station you get a funny feeling you are not alone, you turn to see a man behind the main ticket counter. He wears a railroad uniform, sans jacket but his sleeves rolled up and held with garters. He wears his train cap in a jaunty fashion over his tousled hair. He looks to be about 45 years old or so and friendly. He notices you and looks up. "Afternoon, Miss". He goes back to his business as you stand there mouth agape. What is going on? Is it being kept open for historical purposes? No, doesn't seem that is what is going on at all.
You've walked into a time warp.___________________.

 3. Rushing back to your car and just about to cross the old tracks you hear the sound of a train whistle pass you by but  it does not stop!

Central Railroad of New Jersey

 4. Once in   your car driving away you think to yourself  that this was a great adventure and you will be back to visit again soon.

Aug 18, 2017

By the Sea, By the Sea

Weeks seem to be flying by quickly this summer.
Autumn is only 35 days away.
It was hot and humid for a bit this summer but over all not bad at all and now it is pretty cool for this time of year.
I took these photo on Thursday afternoon around 7:00 PM which is tonight as I write this.
It was a lovely day with a nice, cool,  salty breeze blowing.      I kept having to clean the camera lens.
It was slightly hazy out over the bay and ocean so I couldn't see the lighthouse today.
Once again I am joining with Debbie's Friday Foto Friends, and to Skywatch Friday,  ,Friday Photo Journal
I took these with my Canon A560 digital camera in my neighborhood and a nearby neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos.

In the distance you can see the barrier island and Sea Side NJ. The ocean is on that side.  Sea Side is not like the TV show "Jersey Shore" which was horrible.

The strip of land in the distance is the Barrier Island . It is narrow and the ocean is on the other side of it.

sitting on the dock watching the tide roll in...

Remember that song by Otis Redding?
 "I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time…"

The neighborhood has this sign up. Not sure why but,there it is!. Geese in the background.

The house behind me was playing lovely Broadway tunes. Very nice while I was walking around taking photos.

Having all your ducks in a row, even if they are geese.

Love this place

Here are some videos I took as well. I am a terrible videographer but I hope to get better as I learn.

Aug 17, 2017

Blog Anniversary.. 12 Years


Cottage by the Sea is 12 years old today as is my other blog which is mainly environment and politics.
To me it is a big deal as I have kept things going for so long and enjoyed it very much.

I have far more readers than comments.
I get few commments on either blog.
The disparity in the numbers is huge but I am grateful for the few who take the time to comment and grateful for those who actually take the time to read.

This blog is for me. It is an online record of life and things that interest me. Perhaps when I am gone it might prove interesting to my children. You never know.

Both Cottage and the Lemon Blog (Always extremely lemony, no sugar added.) have had well over 1,500,000 readers each.
Thank you.  I am so grateful for the friends I have made and the lovely things they share.

Linking to Thankful Thursday.